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Clinique de massothérapie Marc Baillargeon in Saint Nicolas, QC

Massage therapy is a form of natural therapy that combines a multitude of different techniques. It is the modern and structured version of the touch therapy that has been practiced all over the world. This type of treatment is suitable for almost all clienteles, regardless of the age or general physical condition of people and is practiced in a professional and ethical.

According to the techniques, the massage may include various maneuvers such as gentle massage, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration. It can be practiced with or without oil. If necessary, the care can be accompanied by essential oils, anti-inflammatory ointments, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy or wraps.

Clinique de massothérapie Marc Baillargeon
 101-1896 Route des Rivières

Saint Nicolas, QC G7A1J2


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